SatNav Installation Services

Remember the days of using a paper map to find your destination? We do and what a pain it was, especially if you were driving on your own. Well those days are over because SatNav is here. SatNav is short for Satellite Navigation. They are electronic devices that do all kinds of things. (We have listed a few on the right).


We have the solution

Sat navs can check your location, tell you where you need to go, point out the best route and help avoid traffic jams and speed traps. We only deal with the more elaborate systems that have to be fitted to your vehicle. Modern SatNav systems can do far more than direct you to your destination. They have radar technology that can identify speed cameras such as Truvalo, Gatso, Digital Watchman, SPECs as well as informing you about Accident Blackspots Schools and congestion Charging areas.


SatNav systems offer voice instructions to advise you as you travel along your route. Many models also use a coloured screen to highlight your route. Screens can be 2-D or 3-D models.


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How do they work?

SatNav systems utilise the Global Positioning Satellite which orbits the earth. The GPS locks into your satnav receiver locating its position on the surface of the earth. Calculating longitude, latitude and altitude the position is laid over a standard road map which accurately reveals the drives position to within ten metres.


Software Driven

Built-in software can also decide the easiest route between any two given points on the map and can combine average road speeds and other data, if necessary, to advise you on arrival times and road conditions on route.


SatNav System