Hands Free Car Phone Kit Installation

The hands free phone kit is a requirement by law. Fines for motorists who use their mobile phones whilst driving will increase over the years as well as the amount of points your licence will accumulate. The risk just isn't worth it.


We have the solution

Vehicle Security Systems have years of experience installing hands free kits and we can offer you all the latest technology to help you drive safely and still be able to communicate with family, friends or work colleagues. We can install bluetooth car kits, portable phone car kits, cradle phone car kits and i-pod car kits.


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There's no need to come to us. We will come to you and install your new hands free car phone kit at your home or your place of work. We have installed many systems to many vehicles and this experience can only come from years of hard work.


The Benefits

- Legal

- No points on your licence

- No fines if used correctly

- Safer driving