Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does my remote locking provide me with an alarm?

A. An alarm is not automatically provided with remote locking by the vehicle manufacturer. Feel free to contact us and we will advise on your vehicle where possible.

Q. Will fitting an alarm to my vehicle reduce my insurance premium?

A. In some cases fitting an alarm will reduce your insurance premium, however like all things you get what you pay for so a ‘Thatcham’ approved alarm or immobiliser will assist you in negotiating with your insurance provider. To avoid purchasing an unacceptable alarm system, speak to your insurance provider to seek their requirements to qualify for a reduced premium.

Q. If I change my vehicle can my phone kit be transferred to my new vehicle?

A. In most cases the system can be transferred although there may be a need for a new/different interface or power unit.

Q. If I change my mobile phone will my new phone work with my existing phone kit?

A .If your new phone is of the same manufacturer and has the same cradle connections etc then the answer is probably. If you change the manufacturer of your phone you will need a new phone kit. With the recent ‘THB’ type of phone kit you can change your phone for almost any other type and only need to have a new mounting cradle fitted.

If you have any questions regarding the information above please contact us here