Slam Locks

Never leave your van door open accidentally ever again.


It happens so many times. You nip to the shop for lunch, or you go back to the van for a tool you forgot. Your in a rush and you forget to lock the door. When you return you find the contents of your van is missing.


But your insured, right?

Think again. Many insurance policies won't pay out if your vehicle hasn't been broken in to. Read the small print. If you leave your van unlocked you could be liable to replace the contents by yourself. It just isn't worth the risk.


Slam Locks are designed to automatically lock your vehicle as soon as they are shut. They ensure maximum load security combined with easy operation. Individual doord can only be unlocked using the high security key provided with the slam lock system.


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Safety First

Our slam locks are designed with an internal escape system, essential to meet Health and Safety at Work Legislation.


Demanding Slam Locks

Our slam locks meet the rigorous demands of courier and parcel delivery applications and are the preferred choice of many leading companies.


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