Fleet Vehicle Security Systems

Are your fleet vehicles secure? Could you afford to loose any of your fleet vehicles to car thieves due to poor security? What would be the true cost of loosing a vehicle to your business.


Fleet Vehicle Security at its Best

Vehicle Security Services have the experience to install security systems to your entire fleet anywhere in the North west of England. Each fleet will have differing security requirements so we will not just fit an Out of the Box model. We will meet with you to discuss your requirements, then provide advice about the most effective fleet security system for your needs. We will then develop a job plan so we all know when we will be attending your workplace and which vehicles we will be securing with our fleet vehicle security systems.


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Quality and Pride

We pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service and the highest quality of workmanship that can only come with years of experience on our trade. We provide a personal touch and we take great pride in all of our work


The Benefits

- We work with transport managers   for minimum downtime of vehicles   during the installation process.

- Installations take place on site at   your place of work.

- Piece of mind for your fleet security.