Vehicle Parking Sensors

Parking sensors are a great invention. They aid you with your parking and help get you in and out of tight places. They will warn you about any obstacle found within the vicinity of the sensors which can help to reduce both damage to your car or van as well as pedestrians and small children.


How it Works

The parking sensors utilise ultrasonic technology and emit a beam of sound from the rear of your vehicle. If the sound wave hits an object the sound will be bounced back to the sensors. This in turn will activate an audible warning so you know there is something behind you. The audible warning increases in speed as you become closer to the obstacle. We have fitted these parking sensors on all types of vehicles so you can be safe in the knowledge that youtr parking sensors will be fitted to the highest of standards.


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There's no need to come to us. We will come to you and install your new parking sensors at your home or your place of work. We have installed many systems to many vehicles and this experience can only come from years of hard work.


The Benefits

- Protects against damage to your   vehicle

- Protect pedestrians and small   children from injury

- Reduces claims against your   insurance

- Helps to protect your no claims   discount