Armour Plate Lock Security

Vans come under attack quite frequently and are easy pray for thieves. The thought of all your equipment inside your van is mouth wateringley tempting to these people and they have many tricks to help them in to your van and away with your tools.


Will your van security stand up to attack?

The locks that are fitted as standards to vans and trucks are developed to good standards but that's the problem. The locks are standarised and as such the thieves have developed ways of defeating these locks. Vehicle Security Systems have a great range of armour plating to beef up the security of your van doors that make it much harder for thieves to gain access and have all your equipment away.


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Our systems include

We can fit purpose made heavy duty metal plates to the outer face of your doors. These plates protect the lock from being attacked through the door skin by a person using a screwdriver or similar device.


The Benefits

- Beefed up security

- Greater resistance to attack

- Better protection for your equipment

- Piece of mind

- Together with our security systems your vehicle will be secured to the highest standard.