Car Alarms

As car alarms become more and more sophisticated so do the car thieves themselves. A motor vehicle is stolen every 30 seconds across the UK. Older cars are easier targets for the opportunist thief and newer vehicles fall pray to more professional car thieves. These vehicles are usually either used for joy riding which usually end up being set on fire or broken for spares.


The vehicles that are recovered are usually severely damaged. Windows, doors and steering columns are the usual damage but the cars that have been used for joy riding are usually written off by the insurance broker.


Don't Fall Pray To Car Thieves

We have years of experience dealing with all types of vehicle security systems and with our mobile alarm fitting service we can install all our systems at your home or workplace to the highest of standards. We have an arsenal of security systems available that will protect your vehicle and reduce the risk of car theft.


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Our systems include

- Thatcham category 1 alarms

- Thatcham category 2 alarms

- Panic facilities

- High power sirens

- Single circuit immobilisation

- Ultrasonic interior sensors

- Touch key override


And There's More

- Flashing interior LED

- Battery Backup siren

- Passive arming

- Casual re-arm

- Automatic dual circuit immobilisers

- Digital tilt sensors

- Central locking systems

- System self testing

- and much more


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