Dead Locks

Could your business survive the loss of your work vehicle if it was stolen?

Could your business survive the loss of the equipment left inside your vehicle if that was stolen?


Many businesses large and small can be devastated by the loss of equipment from a vehicle. Business can carry hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of work equipment in their vehicles yet many see fit not to secure this equipment.


The security systems fitted as standard to most vehicles can be easily overcome by professional thieves. This is where we come in.


Dead Locks Are Very Secure

We can beef up your security by installing quality Dead Locks to your vehicle, securing all your valuables inside. Dead Locks are fitted in addition to the existing locks on your vehicle.


Deadlocks bring high security protection to van doors under the control od the driver and are ideal security accessories for any tradesmen, owner operators and larger companies.


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Good Security

The secret to good physical security lies with key control. The best locks in the world become useless if keys are available to anyone.


Spare Keys

Spare keys are available directly from the manufacturer. T Series locks are registered to the end user and supplied with a coded key card.


Keys and spare cylinders are supplied on a next working day basis with keys always produced on 100% original key blanks


For Ultra High security please ask about our TX series. This is based around the industry leading T series plus the extra benefit of additional custom shielding to protect against attack to plastic door handles.


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