Vehicle Security Systems Services

We can provide and install a variety of services to suit most requirements and budgets including:

Alarms available are from the most basic to the very sophisticated and include the Thatcham approved systems (which can reduce your motor insurance premium).


Please note that many people are under the misconception that the remote control for their vehicles central locking system also sets an alarm system. In many instances this is not the case. The remote control is for the central locking only with the vehicles ‘key’ being fitted with a device (transponder) which controls an immobiliser in the vehicles ignition system.


Feel free to contact us here for advice.

Slam Locks
These lock remove the need for you to lock your vehicles doors with a key, whenever the doors are closed they are locked requiring a key to open the doors.

Slam Locks are an invaluable security aid and time saver to those making frequent delivery stops.

Dead Locks
Whilst this type of lock requires a key to lock and unlock the door they provide the same level of security for your vehicle as that provided by a mortise lock on the door of a house, i.e. they cannot be pushed open by a lever or operated by a hook etc.


Please note that where ever a locking system requires us to cut into the vehicles metal work the bare edges of the metal are suitably treated to resist corrosion.

Armour Plate
We can fit purpose made heavy duty metal plates to the outer face of your doors. These plates protect the lock from being attacked through the door skin by a person using a screwdriver or similar device.

In Vehicle CCTV
We can provide and install within your vehicle a CCTV system comprising one or more cameras with recording equipment to record such as unauthorised passengers in company vehicles, passengers in taxis etc.

Vehicle Tracking Systems
We have experience in providing and installing a range of tracking systems such as ‘Neat Track’, ‘Trackstar’, and ‘Tracker’. Each system has its own particular method of operation and facilities including vehicle location, record keeping for those who need to document mileage and billing time, etc.We can provide you with a fairly basic system through to the most sophisticated type to suit you particular needs.


See links to manufacturer’s web sites or contact us for additional information and for details of systems offering a free trial.

Communication and Entertainment Systems
We can provide and install in your vehicle the following:


Phone Kits

Hard wired and ‘Bluetooth’ kits are available to suit most makes of mobile phone. We fit genuine Nokia, Sonny Eriksson and Motorola hands free kits, ‘THB’ kits and the well known ‘Parrot’ range of Bluetooth equipment (with or without caller display).


Note we can now for certain makes of vehicle, interface your mobile phone with your vehicles steering wheel controls.


In the long run the cost of a phone kit is better than a fine and points on your licence.

Entertainment Systems.

These systems start with the basic in car radio and range through to the most sophisticated combined radio/DVD /Sat Nav units with one or more screens for viewing films etc. All to suit your individual requirement and budget.


These systems can incorporate mobile phones via ‘Bluetooth’.

To keep within the law there are particular requirements associated with the location of screens. Feel free to contact us for advice.

Driving Aids
Under this heading we can provide and install the following:


External CCTV

We can provide and install externally mounted CCTV cameras to assist in reversing, security etc, with recording facilities if required.


Parking Sensors

These we can fit to the rear of most vehicles and to provide additional reassurance where required we can fit the sensors to the front and rear of most vehicles and can install a visual display unit within the vehicle to provide information to the driver.


Satellite Navigation

‘In Vehicle’ Sat Nav systems can be provided as part of a fully fitted Audio/Visual entertainment System.


We do not deal in the portable type of Sat Nav equipment.

If you would like more information regarding our services please contact us here.